How to install a BET365 mobile application

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Have you ever looked for a bookmaker who would offer a mobile application in addition to his usual site? It is possible that you have already seen an online gaming platform without a mobile application which is not a defect in itself but can prevent when you want to track all your bets, games and general history everywhere and on different types of gadgets, such as mobile phones and smartphones.

Bet365 is an international bookmaker known in several countries around the world and now presents itself in France to offer its exceptional offers to the French public. In addition to the attractive odds, the multitude of sports you can choose, you will also have the opportunity to download a bet365 mobile application. Our application is designed to make your sports betting easier and to bet at any time wherever you are travelling, on a train, far from home and your usual computer. The Bet365 mobile app is a perfect choice for Android phones or iPhones.

Below, find out how to download to your mobile devices and then use them to make your first sports bet, play casino or online poker with a large community of French and foreign players.

How to install a BET365 mobile application

In order to install our mobile app Bet365 or simply called bet365 app, you will need to do a few simple things. First of all you need to prepare your laptop and have enough free space on your laptop to be able to install the bet365 mobile application and use it properly. The purpose of our application is to allow you to make your sports bets and follow all the bets in progress to which you can join.

The easiest way is to go to Google Play or AppStore and search for the bet365 mobile app on it. Another way to install the bet365 app is to go to the bet365 site, in other words to the official bookmaker platform and download it directly from the site. Both methods are also quick and easy to do. Once the application is downloaded, find out how you can create a personal account from the application directly without having to go to the site and register classically.

Bet365 the mobile application - register and open an account

Once you have downloaded the bet365 mobile application, the very first thing you need to do is to register, i.e. create a personal account if you don't already have it.

Go to the application and find a "Register" button. Once you click on it, you will come across a small registration form that you will need to fill out carefully. Here is the list of elements that you will need to enter in the corresponding fields:

Indicate your country and city of birth or residence. This will allow our system to understand where you come from in order to offer you your best sports bet and display our interface in the language that suits you best,

Indicate your first and last name. These are key elements that will help you to identify yourself quickly and to validate your personal account as much as possible by our teams after the creation. So try to fill in your real first and last name because you will then have to prove it with your identity papers,

Create your login that will serve as your "name" on our platform and especially in your bets and in your online casino/poker game,

Create a secure password. Avoid a simple password version as this exposes you to the risk of intrusion. Choose a password that is complicated enough to be secure afterwards

Fill in your telephone number and your mailbox address. This is part of the essential information we need to communicate with you if we need to send you notifications for your bets and other online games.

Please note that after creating your personal account, you will need to send us your personal documents so that we can verify your identity and definitively validate your account. However, before the validation of your account, you will already be able to make your first sports bets and choose your favorite sports for your next bets/games.

Mobile Bet365 - start playing in Android, iPhone

As soon as you have your account on the Bet365 site, you can start playing right away. All you need to do is to have access to your personal account, your player dashboard to bet and even more: bet online.

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