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Since the development of technology that touches many areas of modern science, connected objects and mobile applications are almost part of our daily lives. With the proliferation of online betting sites, the needs of a clientele devoted to mobility is growing. At present, all mobile phones with an internet connection can access various online sports betting sites to allow a large community of gamblers to bet wherever they are and whatever they do.

However, the latest generation tablets and smartphones have a small screen and a not very smooth internet connection. This is why bookmakers are striving to fine-tune their methodologies and mechanisms in order to provide regular bettors with a sports betting platform accessible from mobile devices or via a free downloadable application in the AppStore or the Google Play Store. .

In other words, if you are more mobile than computer, you can find some of the best betting apps from the most famous online betting operators offer you on their sites, a simplified platform specifically dedicated to use on mobile. In this sense, you will be able to bet either, through your browser, or via a dedicated application specially designed by the bookmaker to offer you the best grip in terms of online betting on Smartphone and tablets.

Mobile sports betting , a phenomenon in full expansion

Forerunner of the mobile market, It was Bwin who launched for the first time its application in 2009. Very quickly, it was followed by Betclic and many other operators have perfected their applications so that players can bet in the optics of a great flexibility and practicability by putting at their disposal, all the functionalities present on the web version of the bookmaker.

Currently, no bookmaker is devoid of its own website optimized for mobile devices, which was not the case before 2014. Since the phenomenon has grown, many of them provide more an application to download, services and functionalities that are both practical and complete for simplified use of bookmakers in their mobile version. These apps are special in that they are more intuitive and more complete than the web version, although sometimes the bugs are quite common.

Nevertheless, mobile solutions are still popular among the vast majority of punters who constantly want practical tools and easy to handle to allow them to bet for the sake of absolute comfort.

Mobile apps , points to remember

Mobile devices may be powerful and equipped with the latest technological innovations, but not all are suitable for the use of mobile applications dedicated to sports betting sites.

Indeed, only mobile devices running iOs (iPhone) and Android (Samsung Galaxy S, Google Nexus, ... etc) have a downloadable application. Users of smartphones running Windows Phone and Blackberry will therefore for the moment, be content with access to sports bets through the internet browser bookmaker. However, there are some exceptions with some bookmakers like Winamax. Launched recently on the online sports betting market, this bookmaker has managed to rank among the best and this, in particular, thanks to its mobile application dedicated to smartphones running Windows Phone. Thus, this bookmaker only confirms its superiority in mobile technology compared to its competitors.

The mobile applications of bookmakers are directly downloadable via the AppStore for iPhone users. Only recently has the Google Play Store agreed to gambling apps. This means that you will no longer need to use the bookmaker site to download, obtain and update the online sports betting apps with the Android system.

As for the touch pads, the applications are most often compatible with iOS systems as for iPad and Android (Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, ... etc.) But in general, the stability of the app as well that its main features depend essentially on the bookmaker you have chosen. Some are better than others, while the most popular apps offer a free streaming service to help you track the progress of a live bet for example.

So you have a wide choice of mobile and tablet applications on online sports betting with ChoixSportif. From the ergonomic apps to the fastest, through the most fluid and stable, there is something for everyone! In any case, they all have one thing in common. It's about making your life easier by offering you a small, lightweight, free and easy-to-use program to help you get the most out of your daily bets.

Mobile apps and websites , notable differences

It is obvious that betting on a computer from home does not provide the same feeling as being on a smartphone. Before, there were huge differences between betting on websites and mobile apps such as the inability to access certain types of bets like bets combined with all mobile users, or the fact to credit their account from the mini software.

But all that was before. Since the operators became aware of the real utilities of mobile devices, they have not stopped improving their services and have made available to users since 2015, mobile offers much more attractive and functional to offer more bettors and to have a good visibility compared to the competition.

In other words, there is a more or less similar similarity between the applications and the bookmakers' websites, with the exception of some notable points that are only available on the websites. However, an app dedicated to online sports betting is likely to offer a better fluidity of navigation compared to a computer, which remains a considerable advantage.

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