Main features of the Betclic Sport application

Betclic: download and bet on the mobile application (iOs and Android)

Betclic is one of the leading online gaming operators in France. Thus, it must offer players a quality mobile offer. For this purpose, the bookmaker provides 3 different mobile applications. One for sports betting, one for horse betting and one for poker.

Main features of the Betclic Sport application

Please note that the Betclic promo code is valid for all bookmaker applications.

Live betting from your Iphone or Android phone

The Betclic mobile application, as well as the site accessible via browser on your phone, allows you to bet live on the matches of your choice. Football, tennis, basketball... All the sports available on the site are also available on Betclic's iOs or Android application.

The mobile live betting tool is very functional, responsive and allows you to bet live without any problems. The console is ideal for the fast decision-making that live betting sometimes requires. It therefore allows you to place a bet in a hurry if necessary since only 2 clicks are enough for you to bet (provided that your account is already credited and that you are connected).

To access live betting from the Betclic mobile application, connect with your smartphone. At the bottom of the page, click on the "Now" button, which will take you to the current meetings. The number at the top right of the icon indicates the number of matches currently available for live betting.

Then click on the match of your choice, then the bet you want to make. Define your bet and validate so that your bet is taken into account.

The operation only takes a few seconds.

Cash Out Bets

The Cash Out bet is a relatively recent option on the French online sports betting market. This allows bettors to withdraw a portion of their winnings before a game is over.

So, if your bet wins at some point in the game but you feel that the score could change to your disadvantage, using the Cash Out option insures a portion of your winnings, rather than losing everything in the event of a reversal.

Making this option available on mobile is a real advantage since you no longer need to stay in front of your computer during the game you bet on to be able to take advantage of this option.

Below are two separate examples. Your bet is well underway but you are afraid that the result will change: use the option to ensure gains. In the second example your bet is very badly engaged, you no longer believe in it. Don't lose the entirety and save the furniture with this option.

How to download and install the Betclic application

Downloading and installing the Betclic mobile application dedicated to sports betting is not the same as having an Apple or Android phone (to name just two brands).

To download the Betclic app on Apple, go to the App Store, enter "Betclic" in the search bar and download the first application. In a few seconds, it will be installed on your phone, so you will only have to identify yourself with your player name and password, the same as those used on the website.

For Android, Google Play does not allow gambling, so you will have to go through the bookmaker's website to get the mobile application and/or the Betclic APK file (file used to download mobile applications).

By clicking on the link available on the website, you will be redirected and can then download the application very quickly rather than via Google Play (this only applies to Android phones).

You can then bet on football, tennis and all other sports directly from your Apple or Android phone

Other products available via the Betclic mobile application on Google Play and the App Store

  • Betclic Poker
  • Betclic's mobile poker application not only allows you to register directly from the app while taking advantage of available bonuses, but also to play all your tournaments and cash games.

The application is very easy to use, you just have to log in to access all the offers available or enjoy the bonuses you have earned.

Note that you will only have access to a login screen if you do not have an account with Betclic.

The poker application also allows you to take part in the Sit & Go and Twister versions, two game formats that are particularly popular with online players.

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